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Amazing Testimonial

Brief summary of WHY you did the program

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I joined the program because I knew I was in bad shape and that I needed a structured program administered by a great team to hold me accountable. Some specific goals and objectives were:
a. Take better care of the body and soul given to me by GOD
b. Take care of my family and enjoy time with them
c. Reduce the number of meds that I was on for blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol control
d. Demonstrate to my children what can be accomplished with focused effort e. Continue to be able to play golf and exercise without getting “hurt”

Some results that you achieved on the program

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a. Blood diagnostics showed great improvement (currently off diabetes medication and phasing out cholesterol medication)
b. Weight reduced from 236 lbs. to 218 lbs. (currently at 205 lbs.)
c. Hip measurement reduced from 46 in. to 41.5 in. (currently at 41 in.)
d. Waist measurement reduced from 46 in. to 40 in. (currently at 39 in.)
e. Resting heart rate reduced from 76 bpm to 66 bpm (currently at 60)
f. Blood pressure (diastolic) reduced from 105 mmHg to 90 mmHg (currently at 80 mmHg)
g. My wellness score improved from a 31 (Big Fat “F”) to a 68 (D+)
h. Much improved core strength and flexibility i. Upper and lower body fat reduced with much converted to muscle.

Any positive advice you might have for someone considering the program

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a. Commit and trust the science, the program and the staff – everyone is committed to your success
b. Set reasonable expectations – this program is about changing your lifestyle habits over a period of time – it should not be a focus on weight loss (e.g. like a diet)
c. Realize you will get out of this program in proportion to what you put into the program. This means to do the outside Cardio a minimum of 3 times a week (outside of your structured workouts). Also, work hard and push yourself with every workout.
d. There will be days you just don’t want to work out. Work out anyway – you will be so glad you showed up and I promise you will feel better within 5 minutes of starting.
e. Realize that there will be times it may be difficult to find the “right” foods, but that is ok – just make the smartest choices you can.
f. Engage your spouse/partner/friend – someone who will support you, challenge you and hold you accountable – God did not intend for us to do things on our own. Yes, this means it probably would not hurt to pray for wisdom and strength.
g. If you have questions – ASK and I promise you will get good answers to those questions.
h. Meditation (at least for me) was difficult as I would tend to just fall asleep. That is NOT meditation. When I realized it can be practiced pretty much anywhere at any time and that you don’t need the CD after a while, it became easier and easier and can actually help reduce the stress you and your mind and your body feel.
i. While it is best to stay rigid to the program, it is possible to travel away at times. I had to take two – week long trips during my program and believe me, there were very limited food choices and it was hard to find time to work out. That said, it was still possible to do “something” and to eat as good as I could and I’m glad I did.

How Has 8WW Changed My Life

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a. Both my wife and my daughter witnessed the transformation right before their eyes and both have since enrolled in the program.
b. I think you can see from the results, my physical conditioning has improved tremendously and that was one of my goals.
c. I get positive feedback from friends, family and co-workers about how much healthier I look and lots of questions about how I got this way. Compliments are always a good thing!
d. Along with that, I can say that my mental state has improved as well. Some may think I am still crazy, but I feel better about myself and am a happier person.
e. As you can tell, I have continued on a maintenance program and continue to see improvements in my health/wellness. I plan to stay on a maintenance program for the foreseeable future.

Other Comments

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a. I feel at home with the team. I know that everyone there takes each patient and honestly cares about their health and wellness.
b. While the entire staff are conscientious to the diversity of “Religious Faith” of their patients/clients, it is comforting to know that most (if not all) of the staff are strong in their Faith and that carries over to how they care for you.