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Learn great chiropractic marketing tips to get your practice moving into a new direction!

Get great chiropractic marketing tips from Dr. Dane as he shows how his network of doctors are passionate, committed and engaged.
One great chiropractic marketing tip is to showcase your 8WW successes with a wall of fame .
One great chiropractic marketing tip is to make sure that you are getting your message out to the community with lectures as Dr. Dane is doing with this group.
Dr. Hope, using one of Dr. Dane's chiropractic marketing tips, shows off the amazing results of one of her 8WW graduates.

Do you want to be part of a nationally recognized brand that's leading the wellness movement?

Are you an established practice that wants to rebrand your office and the image of your practice?

Are you a new practice that wants to set yourself apart from other chiropractors and wellness practices?

Do you want a proven process that delivers wellness to your patients and changes their lives?

8WW Doctors are Passionate, Committed, and Engaged!


I want to thank Dane for letting me drink from the firehose again today! Thankfully I recorded it. If any of you aren’t taking advantage of these coaching calls you’re missing out. How committed this guy is to continually make 8WW better and better but to also make sure each of us individually gets it right! Thanks Dr. D!

Dr. Dane gives all his 8WW doctors amazing chiropractic marketing tips when they join the team.

Lead the Wellness Movement

Utilizing Dr. Dane's chiropractic marketing tips, his doctors set up gyms where trainers can monitor several 8WW patients through the exercise portion of the program.

Don't worry about reinventing the wheel.  Join the countless other doctors who have revitalized their practices with these tried and true methods of health and wellness.  Dr. Dane is ready to give you chiropractic marketing tips and coach you to the next level!

Since 2003, 8 Weeks to Wellness has coached chiropractic doctors to help them realize their potential.  The 8WW program covers how to get a successful wellness practice off the ground from the very first step and continues to monitor and coach throughout the years.

The attractive part of becoming an 8WW doctor is that you have nothing to lose.  You can only gain healthier, happier patients!

Rebrand Your Office Today!

8 Weeks to Wellness is a Proven Process

8 Weeks to Wellness is a holistic wellness program that focuses on overall health.  Our program encompasses all the fundamental wellness therapies, including Chiropractic, Exercise, and Nutrition, and features a computerized Wellness Score.

The program has been implemented in over 80 offices worldwide and helped thousands of people reach their health and wellness goals.  People with chronic illness and health conditions on several pharmaceuticals often found that they could stop using those medications. 

Dr. Dane will coach you and your team through all the steps to getting your chiropractic office into a wellness center that changes lives.  Start utilizing his chiropractic marketing tips and see how your practice grows!

Set Yourself Apart

Shift Your Practice

When doctors can show patients that what they need (functional care) is just as important as what they want (symptomatic relief), a dramatic shift takes place.  Patients accept the behavioral and financial responsibilities that comes with truly being healthy.

Expand your Practice

Dr. Dane knew that not only his patients would benefit from the complete overhaul to their health but it also helped doctors expand their practice beyond their expectations.

Revolutionize your Practice

8WW Docs get access to all 8WW brand rights which allow you the ability to deliver a revolutionary wellness program that consistently produces outstanding clinical results.  Notable are the patients who are able to get off of their diabetes and cardiovascular medications altogether.

Laura Soldano advises doctors using Dr. Dane's chiropractic marketing tips and urges them to change their mindset in order to change their practice.

Cutting Edge of the Healthcare Revolution

"The key is to transition yourself and your own thinking FIRST.  We will give you all the tools that will make wellness a reality in your practice and move you away from a back-pain model chiropractic practice. "

  • Laura Soldano, COO

Building Blocks for 8WW Center

Utilize these guidelines and chiropractic marketing tips to rebrand your image and practice.  Join the other chiropractors who have changed their pain-based offices into successful wellness centers.

Dr. Jon Cohen Chiropractic:  $1 Million Practice  in 1600 square feet

8WW helps you climb the highest summit.

Dr. Fennema reaches previously unknown summits using Dr. Dane's chiropractic marketing tips.

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