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Frequently Asked Questions

8 Weeks to Wellness: Doctors’ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 8 Weeks to Wellness program?
8 Weeks to Wellness® is just that – an eight-week program that focuses on health. This is a 3-tiered program that will allow your patients to change their lives by Eating Better, Moving Better and Thinking Better. Our program encompasses all the fundamental wellness therapies and includes a computerized Wellness Score (see below); personalized nutritional program including supplements; full body fitness assessment with 2 on-site personal training sessions and 3 targeted cardio sessions each week; daily meditation; two weekly chiropractic adjustments; one full body massage each week; weekly coaching and an end-of-program assessment, review and follow-up plan.

What is a Wellness Score?
A Wellness Score assesses an individual’s physiological health, rather than symptomatic health. It measures 15 parameters including: body fat percentage; cholesterol ratios (HDL and and triglycerides to total cholesterol); C-reactive protein (a measure of inflammation); fasting glucose, insulin and HbA1C (3 measures of sugar metabolism); body mass index; and wait-to-hip ratio. The Wellness Score incorporates 2 patient completed surveys which are a medical symptoms questionnaire and a health satisfaction survey.

How much will it cost to become a distributorship?
The cost of the distributorship is a one-time down payment of $2000 and $795 per month for the first year. A distributor holds exclusive rights to a particular area based on zip code or population density. Additional costs are often necessary for office build-out or fitness equipment, as well as for purchasing 8WW items (ie/ 8WW Wellness Kit is required for each patient.) An 8WW representative is available to provide individualized consultation for your office.

How much will it cost the patient? Can patients use their insurance to cover portions of the program?
Patient cost for the program in our office in Newtown, PA is currently $2640. However this fee can range depending on the supply & demand of your geographic area. If a patient’s insurance covers any portion of the services that are provided within the program, that portion is subtracted out of the overall cost of the program. We give a 10% discount when patients pay upfront. Otherwise the total payment due is divided into eight weekly payments. We also provide receipts for flex spending and health spending accounts.

What are the minimum requirements for office space, equipment and staff? Do I need to have a gym on-site to offer the 8WW program?
The 8WW team recommends a minimum of 1,500 square feet for any office hoping to become an 8WW Center. We recognize that special circumstances sometimes occur that would enable an office to be a successful 8WW Center without the recommended square footage. 8WW has recently developed an online fitness program that can be used in 8WW offices that do not have a gym. In such cases, the 8WW team will evaluate each situation individually to determine the feasibility of a successful 8WW Center. The 8WW program requires a minimum of one adjusting suite, a fitness room of at least 400 square feet, a separate massage room, a waiting room or a conference room facility, water cooler, and shelving for 8WW® products. Equipment requirements include a laptop computer with Microsoft office software, an LCD projector or flat screen TV with PowerPoint capability, exercise equipment (assistance with setup and purchase is available), Bio-impedance analysis equipment for body composition, digital camera for before/after pictures, soft tape measure, blood pressure cuff with sphygmomanometer and flip video camera (optional). Staff requirements include an 8WW® Liaison (this can be an existing Chiropractic Assistant, but the 8WW liaison should have sufficient time in his/her schedule to accommodate additional hours weekly to verify insurance and fees, mail 8WW® packets, discuss program with potential patients, follow-up on leads, etc.); a personal trainer; and a certified massage therapist.

Can we use a different supplement company?
While we don’t discourage you from using the supplement company of your choice in your office, the 8WW program requires the use of two products from Metagenics: UltraMeal nutritional support and high-potency omega 3 supplements. We will not allow substitutions on those products. Further information is available upon request regarding the use of Metagenics.

How does 8WW help me to attract new patients?
8 Weeks to Wellness turns the funnel upside-down-shifting the focus from attracting Chiropractic patients and trying to convert them to Wellness to attracting Wellness patients and turning them on to Chiropractic care. Today, every community needs an inspiring wellness center with a team of experts leading people to longer, healthier lives. This turnkey program will allow you to grow your practice and improve the lives of your patients.

How can I transition my current practice to a wellness practice?
The key is to transition yourself and your own thinking FIRST. We can provide you with a variety of tools and/or services to send you in the direction of a wellness care practice and away from a back-pain model chiropractic practice.

What happens after the 8 weeks?
We see 8 Weeks to Wellness as starting point to get people on the road to a healthy lifestyle. After the program, the patient repeats the Wellness Score Assessment, including all of the blood-work. The doctors sit down with the patient and set up a plan going forward based on their progress and current goals. In our experience, approximately 70% of the patients that complete the program continue on with the some or all of the services they received during their 8WW program. Our Wellness Score includes a one-page follow-up care plan that outlines the recommended services for the next 3 months. We have seen that the value of the patients care, both clinically and financially, is greater in the year follow-up than in the first 8 weeks.

How can I learn more about 8 Weeks to Wellness?
Please contact Laura Soldano, Customer Support for 8WW Doctors : She will be happy to give you more details about the benefits of transitioning to an 8 Weeks to Wellness™ style practice. You may also register to attend one of our 2-day intensive trainings where you will receive a much better appreciation of 8 Weeks to Wellness by learning about the program, our office and seeing it “in action”.