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Benefits of an 8WW Distributorship

  • Access to all 8WW brand rights allowing you the ability to deliver a revolutionary wellness program that consistently produces outstanding clinical results, including dramatic and measurable changes in posture, weight, body fat, blood-pressure, blood-glucose and cholesterol levels. Notable are the patients who are able to get off of their diabetes and cardiovascular meds altogether.


  • Coaching privately with Dr. Dane as he guides you, step by step, through implementation of the 8WW program into your office.


  • Weekly, live 8WW Group Coaching webinars open to all doctors and staff in the 8WW network covering a different topic each week.


  • Learn how to turn your practice into a million-dollar practice by achieving Dr. Dane’s formula: 28/50/60. You will be given the tools to enable yourself to:
    • Drive new patients into your practice AND keep them for a lifetime
    • Retain your patient base and move from a “sickness care” to a “wellness
      care” practice
    • Find and keep an all-star team/staff
    • Refine your Day 1/Day 2 , and use the Wellness Score to close your patients
      into care every time!
    • Transition to a cash-based practice
    • Become the ‘Go To Wellness Specialist’ in your community. You will be given the tools to connect with your local corporations/school districts/insurance brokers.
    • Master the 8WW Corporate Challenge (online version of 8WW) to deliver 8WW to large masses of individuals.


  • Membership of an exclusive, worldwide network of 8WW doctors who share best practices each and every day.


  • Access to a password protected, doctor-only 8WW website that contains all of the resources you need to succeed: downloadable corporate health talks/PowerPoint, “How To” videos on EVERY subject, all marketing/advertising materials and logos, staff training videos and documents, all fitness and nutritional protocols and so much more.


  • A protected territory where no other 8WW doctor can open an 8WW office.


  • Access to our Corporate 8WW lab account and 8WW Panel, making it easy and inexpensive for your patients lab work to be completed. MD’s will be more likely to refer when they know that you can help patients change abnormal labs with lifestyle modification (8WW).


  • 2 Yearly 8WW “hands-on” training events held throughout the U.S. The Spring 8WW event is always held in the 8WW flagship office in Newtown, PA where we want to “Show” you how to run a million dollar, cash-based wellness center, NOT just tell you how to do it!


  • Access to discounts on Strategic Relationships such as Everest Coaching (the best day 1/day 2 in Chiropractic), Corporate Skeleton Key (the best new patient marketing program), Davlen Designs (office lay-out and design), Yokel Ventures (website design and SEO management), and MORE!