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Testimonials From 8WW Doctors

Dr. Kirk BarronAs I was going through school I started to recognize the type of practice that I wanted. I had already fallen in love with Chiropractic, hence the reason for going to Chiropractic College, but there was a lifestyle that I was starting to fall in love with as well….The Chiropractic Lifestyle! I was already aware of the powerful effects a Chiropractic adjustment can have, but I was starting to understand the influence one’s lifestyle has on the quality of life.

So about 3 years ago I started to put energy and research into developing a full wellness center. It seemed that it was going to be a pretty big undertaking just to develop the programs to go along with a wellness office. This was the main reason that I was holding off on creating my dream practice. This was all in a holding pattern until I heard Dane speak. The ease of incorporating 8WW into the program was very attractive. After a little more research it was obvious that these 8WW knew their stuff, and were getting amazing results.

In June of 2013 we launched 8WW on our office. After everyone left our kickoff orientation, I proceeded to PICK MY JAW OFF OF THE FLOOR. It was amazing to see the response our community had to this program… was obvious how special 8WW is! Since the kickoff we have seen some truly amazing results with our patients and our practice.

People lives are being changed, including mine!

“As people grow healthier, so do their thoughts, emotions, and activities.” That is truly the best reason to get Adjusted, it sets off a cascade of events that will enrich your life.”

Dr. Kirk Barron

Dr. Joe-James Tilley D.C.On the understanding that sickness is caused by lifestyle stressors I have long practiced in a chiropractic wellness model. I have always felt that chiropractors have a moral obligation to educate clients on the physical chemical and emotional stressors associated with poor healing and an absence health. Implementing a model to reduce stress associated with vertebral subluxation was critical and I knew this was something I always wanted to do. It was clearly evident to me that those who implemented a lifestyle change through the way they ate, thought and moved had faster and more effective healing. After all I have always said the world HEALTH owns the word HEAL. I also saw some clients who were hoping to achieve healing through a 100% passive chiropractic model. This became frustrating as I couldn’t hold people accountable for their poor health choices. It was upsetting seeing certain clients struggle with problems which were not a back pain problem but clearly a lifestyle issue.

It was following a fatal heart attack with one of our younger clients in 2012 that enough was enough. Helping people with their spine and nervous system no longer was good sufficient when I could see them slowly walking towards chronic illness with their lifestyle choices. I always wanted to create a wellness program that held people accountable for their health. No longer could they hide. On researching ideas to make this happen I came across 8WW. This program totally fit with everything I was looking to do and even better it had been tried and tested over 10 years. It clearly worked! Without recreating the wheel we connected with Dr. Dane Donohue and decided to bring this to the UK. My life’s mission has always been to save and change as many lives possible through the time I am on this planet and 8WW has been the catalyst to this.

8WW has been a revolution for our office. It has set my chiropractic soul free. The beautiful thing with 8WW is that chiropractic is at the core of the program. I have no doubt in my mind that we are saving lives in our office. The objective criteria examination is evidence of this. It gives us the ability to base our client’s health on function over feeling. We have had everything from a reversal of type two diabetes to lowering of cholesterol to weight loss of over 3 stone. 8 Weeks to Wellness works and it does ‘what it’s says on the tin!’ I now have a mission to make 8WW the number 1 recognized health program of the world! 8WW will save our profession in chiropractic and steer us in the direction our paradigm was born. A true HEALTH paradigm. We need to become the WELLNESS doctors of the future and lead our clients toward healing through changing their health and not fixing there symptoms. Become part of something that is changing the face of healthcare and join our 8WW tribe.

Dr Joe-James Tilley D.C
Core Wellness Centres
Epsom, England

Brian Hester, D.C.8 Weeks to Wellness has not only transformed my practice but changed my life entirely. I have been a chiropractor for 15 years and have experienced many of the ups and downs like so many docs have with financial strife and the pressure to survive. The moment I met Dr Dane and Dr Denise I felt like they would give me the shirt off their back to make sure I was successful in my practice and in my life. It doesn’t matter how good a chiropractor you are if you don’t enjoy what you do. They want chiropractors to be wildly successful and save lives each and everyday. The Wellness Score along with 8 Weeks to Wellness are a vehicle for change that our patients desperately need so their life is not cut short from too many meds and continuing to make poor choices. I now have a fire that burns in my belly each and every day to be the best version of me so that I can save my community one person at a time.

I had several components in place of what I thought wellness was but didn’t have a congruent system. 8 Weeks to Wellness gave me a clear direction with an amazing support team of colleagues and docs that are doing it daily and making a huge impact. In just over a year we have almost doubled our monthly collections while getting more people well and doing it in an office that is 90% cash. Love what I do more than ever and will be forever grateful for 8 Weeks to Wellness and the wonder twins!

Brian Hester DC
Back To Health Chiropractic
42104 N Venture Dr. A-102
Anthem, AZ 85086

Dr. Julie McLaughlin8 Week to Wellness has changed my practice in ways I could only have imagined, and all in only 3 short months since I’ve joined. I have been in practice for 25 years, and practice both Chiropractic and Functional Medicine. Until now, they have existed in two separate entities in my practice. 8 Weeks to Wellness has given me an exact plan to combine the two like never before. It has made my practice flow easier and the patients are getting the best care possible as a result. For the first time in all the years in practice I had 25 new patients pre-pay and schedule appointments in one weekend event. That tells me that not only has 8 Weeks to Wellness been good for my practice but it is what patients want and deserve. I could never thank you enough for the changes you have made in my life and my patient’s lives.

Dr. Julie McLaughlin
McLaughlin Chiropractic Clinic
900 North Shore Drive, Suite 170
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044

Dr. Trent Camp8 Weeks to Wellness took my practice from treating and correcting subluxations to preventing them. Imagine a dentist that did not encourage people to brush their teeth, that is what a chiropractor does that neglects to show their patients that chiropractic is a lifestyle, not a treatment. The lives saved, the paradigm shift, and even the money made, have all blessed and enhanced my life and my practice. You should see what it did for my family!

Dr. Trent Camp
272 Carter Dr #120
Middletown, DE 19709

Dr. Jim KambeitzI knew that chiropractic was powerful in helping people but I knew I needed to address the food and exercise problem with my patients. I remember commenting on the amount of medications my patients were taking and I needed a way to help them with all aspects of health. I had looked at other wellness models out there and knew what I wanted to present to my patients and when I looked at the 8ww model I knew this is what I wanted to do. After talking to Dane and Denise at a seminar I definitely knew this was the program. After 2 and a half years later we are getting excellent results and all of the updated information is totally congruent with our practice. Everyone that has gone through the program has gotten results, depending on the level that they commit to. The testimonials from our patients is outstanding and the best investment they can make. The staff is always available to answer questions and guide us with anything we need, the whole operation is top notch. Thanks 8ww.

Dr. Jim Kambeitz
Kambeitz Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center, P.C.
7100 S Clinton St.
Centennial, CO 80112
(303) 790-6000