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Would you like a lasting impact on your patients?

  • Do you want to help more patients?

  • Do you want to know how to add wellness to an existing practice?

  • Are you looking for an all-inclusive program?

  • Do you want to do more for your existing patients?

  • Do you want experienced advice on how to do wellness successfully?

  • Are you tired of just treating pain patients?

Where are you on your wellness journey?

Established Doctor looking to implement wellness into practice

Starting out and need to walk before you can run

Light a spark and increase knowledge

Here is What the Doctors Have to Say About 8WW

“8WW has been a revolution to our office…”

“WPA has been a revolution to our office…”

“I always leave these workshops energized with ideas…”

“Wellness Practice Academy has set the new standard for comprehensive WELLNESS practice coaching.  It is truly the best I have ever seen in the 25 years I have been practicing.  The information, action steps, and resources that are included in this program are absolutely fantastic and will help any clinic that wants to grow their business.  This is especially true if you desire to complement chiropractic with a well-rounded wellness model that includes nutrition, massage, and fitness.  This team of chiropractic leaders has unleashed the secrets of running a highly profitable, highly impactful, and highly fulfilling practice.  Quite simply….they have over-delivered!  Wow!”

Dr. Jeffrey Danielson D.C. | President & Founder Northern Life Wellness & Big Fish Enterprises

Average 8WW Patient Results

  • Lost 15 lbs. and went from 203 lbs. to 188 lbs.

  • Lost 4 inches off their waist

  • Lost 2.5 inches off their hips

  • Decreased Blood Pressure from 130/82 to 121/75

  • Lost 6 lbs. of fat.

  • Decreased BMI from 33 to 30..

  • Decreased Fasting Insulin Levels 30%

  • Decreases Cholesterol 20 points

  • Decreases Triglycerides 20 points

  • Decreases Bad LDL Cholesterol 15 points

  • Increased Health Satisfaction Score by 33%

  • Decreased Symptoms by 55%

8WW Patient Testimonial Videos

Karen’s Story

Annette and Valerie’s Testimonial

Sherri’s Story

Seema’s Story

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Watch this video on how 8WW has changed doctors and saved lives.

Why is 8WW Different?


  • Everything Under One Roof
  • All Parts of Program Given to You


  • Passionate In-Practice 8WW Coaching
  • Scripted Implementation
  • Doctor & Team Training
  • Network of Doctors

Nationally Recognized Brand

  • Tried & True
  • Reproducible Systems and Results

8WW Coaching Team

Dr. Dane Donohue

Dr. Brian Hester

Dr. Justin Nye

Understand More, Attend a Workshop

8WW Doctors can bring 2 doctors and 4 staff to an event, for free, every year. They can choose to split that between the 2 events if they would like. Any additional staff is $199. 
Non-8WW doctors event fees are $399 for doctors and $299 for staff.



April 24-25 2020

More Info Coming Soon