Attract New Patients

Be the Go-To Wellness Doctor in your Community

Do you know how to measure “wellness” and are those measurements built into your exam procedures?

Do you want to attract new patients that are looking for natural alternatives to their chronic health problems?

Are you ready to start providing the kind of care that makes you excited about being a chiropractor all over again?

Attract New Patients

Dr. Dane and Dr. Denise recognized the need for a wellness program for his chiropractic patients who wanted to live in wellness, not just free of pain.  In 2003, they created 8 Weeks to Wellness, a proven wellness program that has changed lives.

Every doctor is given the tools to get your office ready to change patients lives through Chiropractic, Mindfulness, Massage, Fitness, and Nutrition.

Transition pain-based patients into wellness patients and keep them for life!

“Wellness Practice Academy has set the new standard for comprehensive WELLNESS practice coaching.  It is truly the best I have ever seen in the 25 years I have been practicing.  The information, action steps, and resources that are included in this program are absolutely fantastic and will help any clinic that wants to grow their business.  This is especially true if you desire to complement chiropractic with a well-rounded wellness model that includes nutrition, massage, and fitness.  This team of chiropractic leaders has unleashed the secrets of running a highly profitable, highly impactful, and highly fulfilling practice.  Quite simply….they have over-delivered!  Wow!”

Dr. Jeffrey Danielson D.C. | President & Founder Northern Life Wellness & Big Fish Enterprises

How do you Measure Wellness?

The Wellness Score is a report that measures a number of biomarkers that are used to assess the person’s current state of health, demonstrating true before/after results of the 8WW program.

Dr. Dane has worked closely with the company who created the Wellness Score software and customized it to 8WW needs. The Wellness score is available through a partnered website at a discount to all 8WW doctors. As an 8WW doctor you will be shown how to use this valuable tool to help close your patients into care.

Want to know more about the Wellness Score?

Get started on getting your patients Wellness Measured

Give us 8 weeks and we’ll change the rest of your life.

“Give us 8 Weeks…”

Our motto is “Give us 8 Weeks and we’ll change the rest of your life”.  While it seems like such a small amount of time to really be able to make a profound change to your patient, you will be amazing at how quickly their bodies start to get stronger and healthier with results occurring the first week.  The program takes them step by step through each day, through each week. every step of the way until they reach their goals.  As a doctor, you get to guide and witness this amazing transformation.

Natural Alternative Options

8WW focuses on 5 main components:

  • Chiropractic
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Massage
  • Mindfulness

All 8WW patients participate in these focused areas every week.  Every function has its place in wellness and the most successful patients stay true to the program.

Expand Your Practice

8 Weeks to Wellness broadens the focus of your practice from attracting pain-based Chiropractic patients to those want Wellness and keeping them as Chiropractic.  Today, every community needs an inspiring wellness center with a team of experts leading people to longer, healthier lives.  This turnkey program will allow you to grow your practice and improve the lives of your patients.

Be the Wellness Doctor in your Community

As an 8WW doctor, you help your community change their focus from pain management to Wellness care.

Just like people sometimes need a medical doctor for sickness, everyone needs a doctor for wellness. The focus of 8WW is to get the patient to think about how they live their lives and change their habits to support a long life. Let us help you attract new patients!

“Its amazing to be able to help someone who originally was only interested in pain management start 8WW and completely reverse the trajectory of their health. They are my wellness patients for life now.”

Dr. Dane Donohue

Revitalize your Practice and Get Excited about Chiropractic again!

You started out as a chiropractor to help others live their lives to the fullest. Somewhere along the way, you got caught up in the hassle with insurance and then took a major detour and ended up navigating your practice of pain-based patients.

Become one of the network of 8WW doctors and find your way again! Guide your patients towards wellness and witness the massive physical health transformations.

With 8WW you can reach out to a larger part of your community and help them to make lasting life changes.

Contact 8 Weeks to Wellness today to attract new patients to your practice. Everyone needs a Wellness Doctor and that can be you!