As a Chiropractic coach, I’ve noticed, in the hundreds of Chiropractic practices and businesses that I’ve observed, that the practice is a direct reflection of the team. Likewise, the team is a direct reflection of the leadership of the doctor. Many Chiropractors that I’ve met or had the pleasure of being their Chiropractic coach, don’t lead. Their leadership is absent or lead usually only when there is a crisis.  While I completely understand that it’s difficult to both WORK ON and WORK IN your business at the same time, it is essential that you figure out a way to navigate both.

Look at any successful business that is growing and you see a leader and their managers.  Leaders, like a ship’s captain, are navigating and charting the ship’s (business’s) course. Managers, like the First Mate, are setting the sails, steering the ship, and guiding the crew (assigning tasks and implementing the manager’s vision). There is no choice to whether you need a leader/captain; the only choice is whether you lead by mission and objectives or lead by “hope and prayer”. Leadership is the rudder of the ship and unless it is always manned you run the risk of your business running off-course.

Chiropractic coach, Dr. Dane, says steer your ship into the right direction but have the crew to take care of your ship as well.

4 Core Team Essentials

Here are the 4 core essentials that this Chiropractic coach sees that you need to have a great team that will drive maximum growth and impact in your healthcare business.

1. Find the right people– The moment you realize that you must constantly motivate, manage and remind people to do their job, you need to let them go. Hire people who share your same core values, are disciplined and are self-motivated by nature. Think about each staff member you have and ask yourself, “If given the opportunity to hire this person again, would I?”. If the answer is no, they are sabotaging your success and they need to go. Take time and learn how to hire A level team players.

Team motivation is a key component to building a successful practice your chiropractic coach says.
Dr. Dane, your chiropractic coach, says that your team should be aligned with your business's goals.

2. Align your team– We Chiropractors are all about alignment. However, is our team aligned? If I walked into your practice and asked each staff member, “Could you please tell me the main objective of this business and your role in that objective?”. What would they say and how different would everyone’s answer be? Everyone not only needs to know what the practice objective is, but needs to be aligned and work as a cohesive unit. This can only happen through proper communication of expectations, standards, job descriptions and then holding people accountable to those standards and goals.

3. Be Flexible with People but Rigid with Standards– There is a big difference between being kind and being weak. Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents of all times because he was kind and flexible with his people but he was rigid on standards and principles. People don’t always remember what you say, but they remember how you make them feel. Trust is the basis of any great relationship and trust is formed by communicating, keeping promises and leading by example. Hold to your standards of excellence but treat your people they way you want to be treated. Better yet, treat them like a person you admire and respect and watch them go to the wall for you.

Your chiropractic coach, Dr. Dane, indicates that your team needs to trust in you.
Be your team's inspiration per Dr. Dane, your chiropractic coach.

4. Commitment of every team member is key — Every member of the team needs to be committed to each other, to the practice, and to their own growth. Chiropractors can foster this by ensuring everyone understands the importance of their role to the team and how their specific strengths and skills contribute to the success of the practice. If you find yourself wishing that some employee was more like another employee then you’ve lost the essence of a great team. I believe commitment comes from inspiration. How do you inspire your team on a regular basis?

In my 25 years of experience and being a chiropractic coach, I know that ultimately your team will make or break your practice and business. The team is the foundation of your business’s health. If the team is healthy, the practice and business is healthy. How do we get healthy? That’s right, from the inside-out. Do some soul-searching and reflection and make your business healthy again.

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