“This is Jeopardy!”

What variety of things do you have in your Chiropractic Marketing Materials tool bag?  I have quite a few and most recently I decided to reach out to a local corporation.  I gave an Eating Better Corporate Wellness Presentation during lunchtime at the company near my office. We did it “Jeopardy style” and the topics were: Nutrition Basics, Natural Eating, Macro-Nutrients, and Cooking Methods. Each category earned 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 points. We divided the room into 2 teams and had a lot of fun. Here was one the 1,000-point question for Macro-Nutrients, see if you get it right?

This Jeopardy style question was used as part of a corporate talk for your chiropractic marketing materials tool bag.

These talks are a part of a Corporate Wellness Series, a big aspect of our chiropractic marketing materials. Besides the motivating and informative talk, we always bring a healthy lunch for everyone. We give out prizes to the winning team.  This time around the prizes were a free training session with one of our trainers and a free hour massage. The employees loved it!  Here is some feedback I received:

These talks give us an opportunity to “meet the people where they are” in their workplace.  It also give us a chance to educate, entertain and inspire people to make better choices with one of the most important assets: “Your Health and Your Life”.  In a very short time, I reached out to a large group of people and make a significant impact on their lives.

Make It a Series

We have a variety of talks in our corporate wellness series and look to stretch them over a 6 month period:

  • Wellness 101 basic workshop
  • Talks on Eating Better, Moving Better and Thinking Better.
  • Chair massages and mini-biometric screenings (BMI, Blood Pressure, Digital Posture Pictures and Functional Movement assessment).

How do we reach these corporations?  Most often from our current patients!  We offer these talks FREE to  the companies of our active patients.  This is yet another benefit for being a patient in our office and we even bring lunch!

Corporate talks are a part of your chiropractic marketing materials and includes a free healthy lunch.

Our chiropractic marketing materials include focusing on Referrals, Social Media Marketing, and Corporate talks.  These big three have shown to provide the best ROI (return on investment).  As an 8WW doc, you get trained on these resources, including the PowerPoint presentations. Remember, you can’t catch fish in a sporting goods store. If you have your rod (talks), have the bait (your offer), get out to where the lakes and rivers are (corporations) because that’s where the fish are biting. Besides Doctor means teacher and we must teach our community how to BE and DO health!

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