Update Your Chiropractic Marketing Strategy with 8 Weeks to Wellness!

Dr. Dane and Dr. Denise created 8WW and changed the way they worked and their chiropractic marketing strategy for good!

8WW is not your typical chiropractic marketing strategy.  Since 8WW was conceived over a decade ago, Drs. Dane and Denise have perfected the process and want to help others.  They have created support documents, videos, and have sustained a network of other like-minded doctors to help transform their practices and promote health.  Currently there are over 80 doctors in the 8WW partner locations worldwide and rapidly growing.

Do You Have a Passion for Wellness and Want to Teach What You Live?

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Using 8WW and its principles have been the cornerstones of many a chiropractic marketing strategy.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Dr. Dane has all the tools, guidance, and support you will need to promote health in your community.

What do I get by becoming an 8WW doctor?

Change up your chiropractic marketing strategy like these 8WW doctors have done with Dr. Dane.
Dr. Joe Tilley leads a wellness event in the UK to help others update their chiropractic marketing strategy.

  • Coaching privately with Dr. Dane as he guides you, step by step, through implementation of the 8WW program into your office.
  • Weekly, live 8WW Group Coaching webinars open to all doctors and staff in the 8WW network.
  • Membership of an exclusive, worldwide network of 8WW doctors who share best practices each and every day.
  • Access to a password protected, doctor-only 8WW website that contains all of the resources you need for a successful chiropractic marketing strategy.
  • A protected territory where no other doctor can open an 8WW office.
  • Access to our Corporate 8WW lab account and 8WW Panel, making it easy and inexpensive for your patient’s lab work to be completed.
  • 2 Yearly 8WW “hands-on” training events held throughout the U.S.
  • Access to discounts on Strategic Relationships such as Everest Coaching (the best day 1/day 2 in Chiropractic), Corporate Skeleton Key (the best new patient marketing program), Davlen Designs (office lay-out and design), Yokel Ventures (website design and SEO management), and MORE!

8 Weeks to Wellness Doctors are Passionate, Committed, and Engaged!

Doctors gather from all around the world to discuss updating their chiropractic marketing strategy with 8WW.

Start changing up your chiropractic marketing stratedy by registering for one of our 2-day intensive trainings where you will receive a much better appreciation of 8 Weeks to Wellness by learning about the program, our office and seeing it “in action”.

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Find out what it takes to be an 8WW doctor!

Dr. Joe and teammate, Zoe, flex their chiropractic marketing strategy muscles and use 8WW in their practice.

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Dr. Kambeitz uses 8WW as his chiropractic marketing strategy for his practice.

“I knew that chiropractic was powerful in helping people but I knew I needed to address the food and exercise problem with my patients. I remember commenting on the amount of medications my patients were taking and I needed a way to help them with all aspects of health. I had looked at other wellness models out there and knew what I wanted to present to my patients and when I looked at the 8ww model I knew this is what I wanted to do. After talking to Dane and Denise at a seminar I definitely knew this was the program. After 2 and a half years later we are getting excellent results and all of the updated information is totally congruent with our practice. Everyone that has gone through the program has gotten results, depending on the level that they commit to. The testimonials from our patients is outstanding and the best investment they can make. The staff is always available to answer questions and guide us with anything we need, the whole operation is top notch. Thanks 8ww.”

Dr. Jim Kambeitz, Colorado