Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Hester knows that you can reach your goals and grow your chiropractic practice to new heights.

Diversify your Practice

Expand your practice by offering your patients a proven program that offers life-changing wellness.

Grow your chiropractic practice like Dr. Wes Nyberg, who reflects on his success and reaching his career potential. while at Dream Lake.

Fulfill your Financial Dreams

8 Weeks to Wellness achieve dramatic patient compliance and retention.

Grow your chiropractic practice like the team at Body in Practice in Colorado.

Create a Cash Model Practice

Patients pay for what they value and 8 Weeks to Wellness creates value.

8 Weeks to Wellness is a Proven Process

8 Weeks to Wellness™ helps patients realize their health potential and helps chiropractors grow their chiropractic practice to realize their career potentials.

8 Weeks to Wellness™ doctors are given the opportunity to provide a revolutionary and scripted wellness program for their patients. This 8-week program has consistently produced outstanding clinical results for each patient, including:

  • dramatic and measurable changes in posture
  • x-ray findings
  • Weight
  • body fat %
  • blood pressure
  • inflammatory markers
  • blood sugar markers
  • cholesterol level

8 Weeks to Wellness doctors change the lives of each patient and dramatically increasing the profitability of each practice. 

Learning how BMI and Mortality are related can help you teach your patients how to live better and grow your chiropractic practice.

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Grow Your Chiropractic Practice with Tried and True Methods

Drive New Patients into your Practice and Keep Them

Change the direction of your practice and steer your patients into healthy habits for a lifetime.

Move from Sickness Care to Wellness Care Practice

The focus of 8 Weeks to Wellness is to keep your patients healthy and well and avoid sickness and disease.

Become the Go-To Wellness Specialist in your Community

Stand out from other healthcare professionals and be the doctor that everyone comes to and stays healthy.

Refine your Day 1 and Day 2 Processes

Dr. Dane will coach you through perfecting your Day 1/Day 2 and close patients every time.

Transition to a Cash-based Practice

Start working towards gaining more cash flow and avoiding the insurance hassle.

Find and Keep an All-Star Team and Staff

8 Weeks to Wellness will show you how to attract the best employees to keep your wellness practice flowing smoothly.

Start Your Multi-Million Dollar Practice

Grow your chiropractic practice like Dr. Howard Boos. Contact us

There are so many people looking for a way to get healthy.  Most programs offer a quick fix and leaves the patient temporarily satisfied.  8 Weeks to Wellness teaches your patients how to change their lives in a sustainable way.

In addition, you get the opportunity to change the focus of your practice from pain-based to wellness.  Your patients who would only see you when they experience pain will continue to see you to stay well.  With 8 Weeks to Wellness you can grow your chiropractic practice.

The patients in your practice are ready to take their health to the next level.  In addition to them, there are many others in your community who are ready to improve their health and wellness.  Be their Wellness Doctor!