Selling Out or Buying in

Do you think about adding nutrition into your practice?  There is a lot of discussion on social media about whether integrating nutrition and supplements is considered Chiropractic. The obvious answer is absolutely not. Just because it is not inherently Chiropractic does not mean that it would not be a wise decision for your patient and your practice if you do integrate nutrition and nutritional supplements into your practice.

Adding nutrition into your practice is helping your patients with supplements and making good food choices.

Much like a hammer is obviously not a screw driver, nutrition is not Chiropractic. However, there are times when a screw driver is needed much more than a hammer and in those times, a hammer just won’t do. One of my good friends told me one time, “I’ve never adjusted someone and had a cheeseburger fly out of the patient’s body”. People are toxic, inflamed and deficient in many vital nutrients. You have to ask yourself, “Does subluxation has a cause?” and “Do I have an ethical duty as a doctor to teach people how NOT to create subluxation in the first place?” We know as Chiropractors that one of the 3 major causes of stress and subluxation is bio-chemical stress.

4 Major Reasons to Integrate Nutrition

1. PEOPLE need it! Your patients need your expertise, leadership and guidance when it comes to what to eat, what to avoid and how to supplement. Where else will they get the advice – their MD’s office?

Adding nutrition into your practice helps your patients towards a healthier life.
Utilizing nutrition into your practice can help your patients live long, healthy lives.

2. It doesn’t matter how good your Facebook ads and Chiropractic adjusting techniques are; if you can’t get great results with your patients, you won’t get referrals. Getting your patients to practice sound nutrition will decrease inflammation, decreased cellular oxidation and toxicity, and lower glycation and aging in the body. This will enhance your adjustments big time and your results will speak for themselves. Patient refer because of their results!

3. You run a business, not just a practice. Sometimes I think that we forget that we have 2 hands: a healing hand and a business hand. Both are important, for if you don’t focus on the business hand, then the healing hand will eventually be lonely. Conservatively, if have 200 active patients and you average $300 a year in supplement sales for each patient, that’s an extra $60,000 in revenue just from supplements alone.  

Adding nutrition into your practice is utilize both the healing and business sides of your practice.
Adding nutrition into your practice can aid with many health issues like arthritis.

4. Turn the funnel upside down. Most Chiropractors bring people in based on “Chiropractic problems” such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and then try to convert those patients to good nutritional habits and/or supplements. What if you got good at taking care of the millions of people who suffer the effects of bad nutrition? Allergies, ADHD, Skin problems, Auto-Immune problems, Digestive disorders, just to name a few.

I can tell you that these patients are going the conventional medical route for care, not the conservative Chiropractic route. What if you helped them through nutrition and good supplementation? Concomitantly, what if you taught them how a properly functioning nervous system combined with good nutrition and other good health habits allows the body to heal itself. The first 4 letters in the word “health” DO spell HEAL!

Introducing nutrition into your practice is a helpful way to get your patients to health.

Nutrition into Your Practice

Integrating nutrition into your practice isn’t selling out. It’s allowing your patients a way to BUY IN to your brand of healthcare!

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