The 11 Core Competencies of the

Wellness Based Practice

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“8WW: People, Product and Process”

November 8 - November 10

Phoenix, AZ United States

8 Weeks to Wellness is Looking for Committed Doctors

Not Your Typical Chiropractic Coaching Program!

Do you want an all inclusive program to offer your patients?

Do other Chiropractic Coaching Systems frustrate you?

Are you looking to add Wellness to your practice?

Are you interested in promoting a Wellness Lifestyle?

Become a Wellness Center through our Chiropractic Coaching Program

Become an 8WW Center

Join the growing network of 8WW doctors and start changing lives

Rebrand Your Office

Expand your offerings to your current patients and attract new patients

Attract Wellness Patients

Attract non pain-based patients to your practice and keep them for life

About 8 Weeks to Wellness®

8 Weeks to Wellness® was developed and founded by third generation  Chiropractors, Dr. Dane Donohue and Dr. Denise Chranowski, specializing in health and wellness.

8 Weeks to Wellness® is a holistic wellness program that focuses on overall health. Our program encompasses all the fundamental wellness therapies, including Chiropractic, Exercise, and nutrition, and features a computerized Wellness Score.

The practice, which first began strictly as a Chiropractic office, has grown tremendously over the years due to patient demand and their success in approaching health from a wellness standpoint rather than sickness. This wellness approach led to the development of the 8 Weeks to Wellness® program for which the two doctors wanted to share with other like-minded professionals through a chiropractic coaching process. 


Become an 8WW Center

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Rebrand Your Office

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Attract Wellness Patients

Learn how to change lives in your community by changing the way people think about health.  Dr. Dane and his team will show you the way to making a huge impact for your patients.

Utilize Dr. Dane and his chiropractic coaching system to transform your office without having to reinvent the wheel.  Dr. Dane is ready to coach you and your team into teaching the wellness lifestyle.

Enhance the lives of your current patients and attract new members to your practice by showing them the 8WW way.  Become the go-to doctor in your community for health and wellness.

8 Weeks to Wellness Doctors are Passionate, Committed, and Engaged!


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Learn more about America's #1 Killer: Metabolic Syndrome. 

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"8WW has been a revolution for our office.  It has set my chiropractic soul free.  The beautiful thing with 8WW is that chiropractic is at the core of the program.  I have no doubt in my mind that we are saving lives in our office.  The objective criteria examination is evidence of this.  It gives us the ability to base our client's health on function over feeling.  We have had everything from a reversal of type two diabetes to lowering of cholesterol to weight loss of over 3 stone.  8 Weeks to Wellness works and it does 'what it says on the tin!'.  I now have a mission to make 8WW the #1 recognized health program of the world! 8WW will save our profession in chiropractic and steer us in the direction our paradigm was born.  A true HEALTH paradigm.  We need to become the Wellness doctors of the future and lead our clients toward healing through changing their health and not fixing their symptoms.  Become part of something that is changing the face of healthcare and join our 8WW tribe."  Dr. Joe-James Tilley, United Kingdom

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